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Marble and granite turning

We perform turning on marble and granite pieces. Molinaroli Marmi has long been in the production of indoor and outdoor products, furniture, accessories, and collectibles, also employing turning. This processing method requires the use of the lathe for stone, which makes it possible to shape an insignificant shapeless block of stone into marble and granite columns of various heights, dimensions, diameters; bases of different shapes, sizes, and colors; and capitals of different styles and sizes.
This activity is founded on experience, professionalism, and the use of modern avant-garde tools and machinery.
The products made with the lathe come from blocks of precious, high-quality marble and granite from Italy and all over the world.
The choice of material is highly important: granite is a very hard rock and complicated to work, but more resistant in comparison to marble. Instead marble is more malleable and consequently easier to work, although more friable. Also, this stone looks much more beautiful. That’s why you must make a careful educated choice of stone, asking for advice and information from professionals and competent personnel. What’s more, such personnel will select the material that best suits consumer needs, in order to meet customer demands in the most appropriate way.

We can make:

  • Columns
  • Vases
  • Banisters
  • Bowls
  • Collectibles


Some examples of marble and granite turning:


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WP 20151208 15 33 25 Pro
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WP 20160706 18 26 20 Pro
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