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Marble and granite sculpture

One ability of marble carvers that is popular with and admired by customers—even when done by those who don’t have much of a hand for it or know much about it—is precisely stone sculpture.
This activity turns out to be the most difficult and delicate, but also the most gratifying. One must keep in mind that stone isn’t an easy material to shape, and that’s why it takes time, patience, and an eye for detail to sculpt marble. In addition, the choice of material is the first thing to take into consideration. Indeed, not all types of marble can be used for this activity: some types of stone are too friable, others instead are too hard, and above all one must know where to place the work: whether in indoor or outdoor settings because not all weather conditions are tolerated by all types of marble.
Sculpture isn’t just a skill that you acquire over time; it is also a passion that ignites within you or that is passed down.
Molinaroli Marmi’s founder Enzo, having been a highly professional stone cutter, managed to transmit this passion to his children, enriched with the manual work of an artisan that makes a simple piece of marble a unique and special work.
Thanks to manual work, professionalism, and love for our job, our company makes bas-reliefs and small and large sized panels.
Being a simple worker doesn’t suffice to become a sculptor or stone cutter, but rather one has to put love and enthusiasm into their job.

We can make:

  • Statues
  • Bas-reliefs
  • Plaques

Some examples of marble and granite sculpture:

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